Chelsea & Mike: Wedding

June 26, 2015

Chelsea is a true creative soul. Her major has been in the arts and she brought her serious skills into every detail of her beautiful wedding day.  She even made the flowers in her bouquet by hand!  Hats off to you Chelsea!  Your day was absolutely perfect!
ChelseaMike_0631 ChelseaMike_0193 ChelseaMike_0208 ChelseaMike_0216 ChelseaMike_0236 ChelseaMike_0247-2 ChelseaMike_0257-2 ChelseaMike_0253 ChelseaMike_0273-2 ChelseaMike_0268 ChelseaMike_0289 ChelseaMike_0312 ChelseaMike_0310 ChelseaMike_0335-2 ChelseaMike_0721 ChelseaMike_0722 ChelseaMike_0424 ChelseaMike_0426 ChelseaMike_0443 ChelseaMike_0457 ChelseaMike_0471 ChelseaMike_0478 ChelseaMike_0485-2 ChelseaMike_0560 ChelseaMike_0622 ChelseaMike_0616 ChelseaMike_0644 ChelseaMike_0642 ChelseaMike_0649 ChelseaMike_0653-2 ChelseaMike_0661 ChelseaMike_0682 ChelseaMike_0717-2 ChelseaMike_0730 ChelseaMike_0742 ChelseaMike_0763 ChelseaMike_0775 ChelseaMike_0809 ChelseaMike_0839 ChelseaMike_0903 ChelseaMike_0925 ChelseaMike_0970-2

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