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Trip Down Under – Part II

February 26, 2011

Here are few more pictures from our trip to Australia.  Upon arrival to Aus, we were greeted by a life size koala.  I admit, I ran when I first saw it….yes I did.  Or almost anyway.  Were were walking out of the gate and the koala started jumping up and down and waving it arms/paws.  A group on the side were blowing party noise makers.  Finally Bert leaned over to me, “I think it might be Dad!”  Yes, I see the resemblance.  Not!  But it was.  He loves to play practical jokes and the joke was on me for sure!

Hallet Cove is a rocky beach just a couple miles from where Bert grew up.

The beaches in South Australia have such pale clean sand.

Bert getting a quick self portrait with his Mum.

Bert and I went ‘bush’ walking one afternoon.  South Australia has been blessed with much more rain than usual for the summer months, so there was a lot more green than normal for summer.

This little shop was called The Whistling Fish Bookshop & Coffeehouse .  We went there everyday for their awesome little cappuccinos.  Frothy. Chocolaty. Goodness.

Aparently the strangest things tickle me…

As many of you know, Bert kinda likes surfing.

Any form of surfing.  Bert and his Dad gave kite surfing a try.  It isn’t done on the sand typically!  But he thought he would practice just a little before heading out Into The Deep.

And it wouldn’t be right not to post a picture of driving on the left side of the road.  Since coming back home, Bert still grabs the driver door trying to find the shifter sometimes.  I am not sure what is more scary, the fact that he is still thinking of driving on the left, or the fact that we don’t have a manual transmission.  Hmmm.

If you would like to see more of Amanda and Joey’s wedding, take a peek at the slideshow!

A few more to check out….

 Jessica and William’s shoot was a little different that most engagement sessions….because it was only two weeks from their wedding!  Awesome stuff.  We met up at Maggie’s on the River in Watertown, where they will be having their wedding rehearsal dinner.   Their smiles tell the story!  Love it.

 I can hardly believe it, but I had never been to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo before.  Not it the summer, not in the winter.  So when Julie and Patrick suggested it as the location for their engagement session we were thrilled.  They rocked it!  Congratulations to you both!